Deforestation Installation 
London Design Biennale 2018

Emotion is the strongest state in the  human psyche both in the conscious and unconscious mind; not only does  it dictate how one reacts to external events, but it also can control  how one interacts with family, friends and loved ones. It is arguably  one of the most important human responses which can be triggered  psychologically.

Mata Atlantica is a rainforest in South America  which spans along the Atlantic Coast running from Rio Grande do Norte in  Brazil all the way to Paraguay.

The biodiversity present in the  Mata Atlantica is one of the densest and abundant in the world, however  it has become one of the most threatened. This emotional strain can be  seen not only on its inhabitants, but within the forest ecosystem as  well.

David Elia Studio created Desmatamento to highlight the  immediate danger in the Mata Atlantica. The intricate carvings represent  the numerous trees and vital ecology that is being decimated and will  continue to if changes don’t continue to occur. Desmatamento was beautifully installed to represent the breath-taking surroundings that are present in the Mata Atlantica. Desmatamento is a constant reminder of this delicate ecosystem and the emotional uncertainty it causes on many living beings.

The  continuous effort between those trying to save the rainforest and  companies that prosper on such lush land is evident. “In 2017 the upward  trend in deforestation was reversed, and a fall by 16% was registered  as regards to the previous year.” There has been much progress but it  still remains an ongoing struggle. “The goals of the NDC (National  Climate Change Policy) are very ambitious as Brazil is committed to  trying to reduce the emissions of greenhouse gases by 37% below the  levels of 2005.” It is vital to keep this continuous momentum so  emotional distress and strain can be reversed.

The blue pigment at  the base of the trunks symbolises the mark used by forest wardens to  indicate trees that are to be saved. The trunks design evokes the  topography of the tropical forests where various sizes and shapes of plants coexist.

Klein’s Ultramarine Blue colour triggers strong  emotions. “The artist considered the colour had a quality close to pure  space and associated it with immaterial values.” To David Elia this  authentic mind-set is one of the reasons why he chose to pair this  colour with the installation.

It is vital to highlight how  important these forests are to human emotion, the continuity of mankind  as well as the Earth itself.


Design Biennale 2018,
designed at David Elia
Studio, London - UK



Strategic research,
Brand development,
Furniture design,

Aldworth James and Bond,
London - UK,
MADE Mercado Arte Design,
São Paulo SP - Brazil,
Instituto Lina Bo Bardi e
Pietro M.Bardi, Casa de Vidro,
São Paulo SP - Brazil,
Instituto Campana,
São Paulo SP - Brazil,

London Design Biennale 2018
/ Emotional States

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